ERP and Analytics

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become very popular since last two decades. These software provide an integrated approach to manage operations in company that are difficult to be achieved by custom made software. ERP provide highly enriched information that are beyond the capability of simple accounting software. As ERP follows standard industrial practices, it helps to prevent reinventing the wheel by reusing software components across multiple companies.

There are many ERP packages that address need for various industries. Once an ERP is implemented, changing over to some other ERP is a costly process hence one need to select an ERP carefully. DeciGen Consulting Services has deep experience in implementing and supporting ERP for various companies around the globe. It can help you to select right ERP for you and also provide skilled members to guide you in the implementation process.



While normal ERP addresses the operations, Business Analytics help to provide information for managerial decisions. Managerial decisions typically uses data collected over long time period and consume information gained by processing data in aggregated manner. Regular ERP on the other hand tend to use upto the minute information of current process. Mixing these two types of requirement in a single computer resource is a recipe for bad computing experience. This realization has led to development of separate specialized databases and computer hardware that are specifically designed for Analytical data handling.



There are various options for OLAP and Data Analytics. DeciGen Consulting Services can help to select and implement appropriate analytics solution for your organization.

Predictive analysis and machine learning makes data to provide rich information by using various statistical techniques. When used with skill past data can provide prediction on future demand pattern, help to develop new product and services that will delight customers and help to save on operation cost. DeciGen Consulting Services has skilled team members who implemented various optimization solutions that helped to save cost. You may get in touch with our representative to find what it can do for your organization.