Business Consulting

At DeciGen Consulting Services we make change happen in a way that is in harmony with the companies business and society. We firmly believe the saying of Sri Aurobindo that lack of harmony is the root of all problem in the world. Business Consulting wing of DeciGen Consulting Services provide comprehensive solution to all levels of business operations to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.


There are four layers of business issues that affect performance:

Layer Root Cause Symptom Services Offered
Physical Caused by lack of proper facilities, poor training, lack of organization, missing or obsolete documentation.
  • Inadequate or unused facilities
  • Problem with meeting cash flow
  • Low market demand
  • Untrained workers
  • Dissatisfied workers and regular labor problem
  • Facility planning
  • Decision framework for investment decision
  • Guidance on industry best practices
  • Data based what-if analysis
  • Standardization of work and materials
Vital Where the capacities of different facilities are not in harmony with organizational goal we see problems with vitality
  • Bloated inventory
  • Material shortage to  fulfill delivery commitment
  • Poor quality
  • Dissatisfied customer and vendors
  • Over stressed workers
  • Value stream optimization
  • Inventory reduction
  • Operation management through Drum-Buffer-Rope methodology
  • Variety reduction
Mental Caused when the business operations are in disharmony with its goal
  • Complicated procedures
  • Excessive overhead on operation
  • Poor productivity
  • High attrition
  • Mix of the problems mentioned in earlier two levels
  • Process simplification
  • Robust process design through Design of Experiment
  •  QFD workshops for product development
  • Guidance for QMS like ISO:9001, Energy and Environment certification
Psychic Caused by absence or obsolete long term vision and missing execution plan for putting vision into practice
  • Stagnant organization
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Disoriented workforce
  • Departmental rivalry
  • Poor ethical standards
  • Corporate Excellence program
  • Strategy plan and execution
  • Product portfolio rationalization
  • New product Development
  • Innovation training
  • Corporate Training for leadership development (in collaboration with SAFIM, Pondicherry)

Generally one has to address lower level issues first to progress to next level. However in some exceptional cases organization may address higher level issues. Once such issues are addressed, lower level issues are taken care in the process. A organization with excellent Psychic level will find ways to correct the lower three levels. Reverse of this is rare.

Many people try solve organization issues by infusing technology or by investing in costly infrastructure, software or information system. Addressing only these lower level issues without addressing the higher level does not help in improving organization performance. DeciGen provide complete package of services to improve business and help organization achieve business excellence.