Automation and Robotics

Simple and lean process automation goes a long way to improve productivity and profitability of organization. Embedded sensors and controllers help to create intelligent process, perform monotonous job accurately and help to release people for more productive work. Internet of things provide even more exciting possibility by connecting geographically separated processes with relative ease.

Automation and Robotics wing of DeciGen Consulting Services provide solutions for:

  • Microcontroller or Computer based Process Automation
  • Embedded Programming for controlling individual machine or controlling a large system with multiple machines
  • Connect processes over wide area using IoT, WAN and Serial protocols


DeciGen Consulting Services can develop custom made electronic circuits for critical applications. Here you see field trial of a automated Compressed Earth Block press. DeciGen Consulting Services developed custom electronic controller to operate in this rather dusty area that can withstand vibration and rough environment of the press. The press is capable of producing about 1000 environment friendly CEB bricks in an hour.