ACH1811A  Cloud solution for Small offices FrontAccount
AHP1201C  Industrial controller board controllerAHP1201C
AHP1211B  Relay Driver
ADL1271A  LCD Display LCD-Display
ADL1272A  LCD Display cable


[ACH1811A] Cloud solution for small office

This is a cloud hosting package fine tuned for all small office need.  Cloud hosting frees you from worry of software installation, maintenance. You will be able to access your information from any where. You can even use a smart phone or a tablet to work with cloud software.  The package is ideal for a office with less than 30 staffs but it can be scaled up as your business grows. Ideally, you should also invest your own domain, which we can arrange for you. Alternately, you may use a sub-domain like to get going.


The package consist:

  • Website hosting using WordPress / Joomla software
  • Accounting ERP software – FrontAccount
  • Group Mail – for office communication
  • Individual E-mail – send e-mail using your own domain id
  • Task Manager to keep track of assigned tasks to your team
  • Your own domain name, like  (at additional cost)
  • Total 1 GB space on cloud server


  • One-time setup cost: Rs. 3,000.00
  • Hosting charge: Rs. 750 / month  or Rs. 7,500/yr
  • Online Training (optional) : Rs. 5,000.00 (Will be delivered online in five 90 min sessions)

[AHP1201C] Industrial micro-controller board

This is a general purpose board for industrial controllers. It uses popular PIC16F877A micro-controller. The board has been tested under extremely dusty environment and under high vibration. It provide robust interface for relay drivers, proximity switches and LCD display. It will require a PIC programmer to feed program code.

Out of the box, AHP1201C can take input from eight proximity switches, two analogue channels and drive up to eight relays.  Interface capability can be further extended with multiplexers. We can feed your program code to the unit. We also develop program for the controller. Write to our sales team for more details.



Item Qty Price (Rs./pc)
Controller Board 1-5 Rs. 3,500.00
6-20 Rs. 2,850.00
21-100 Rs. 2,350.00
100+  Call for price
Program feeding Rs. 200/pc
Code development  Call for quote

[AHP1211B] Relay driver

This is a interface board to drive up to eight relays from controller board. It uses buffered connection that has been tested in rigorous industrial condition.

Price: Rs. 750.00 /pc

[ADL1271A]16×2 Backlit LCD Display

This is LCD display module with pin connection intended to be used with Controller board


Pricing: Rs. 450.00 /pc

[ADL1271A] Cable to connect LCD display to controller board

This is a special cable that connect LCD display to controller board. Length: 300mm.

Pricing: Rs. 150.00/pc